Saturday, January 29, 2005

My Best Side Was Your Worst Invention

wooo im back again!

mocks are over thankfully kinda failed in most of them because i was too lazy and didnt revise until like 30mins before the exam. Go me. Got a B in maths. Nearly an A though. Taking it again and now have maths tutor person to help :D

Dell's wedding was okay i guess.. could have been worse.. Danny told me like 10 tims that i looked really beautiful.. kinda started to get a little creepy.. Wedding was very posh. Sean didnt turn up because he was bering mardy about what a 15yo girl had said (becca - she said that Eva was going to become a 3rd generation alcoholic because she loved Karen's alcoholic pudding). Cuppy was there. She's pregnant and now has a new "long-term" boyfriend. Max got drunk and danny started getting annoyed with him ha ha uhhh thats all the fun parts.

Birthday!! was most excellent! abby had a go at me though because i didnt sound upset enough when she told me that she couldnt come to my party lol thats coz i wasnt upset! she'd only ruin it anyway because she hates bob and doesnt really like kat and laura so im glad she wasnt there. it was really fun and we had weird dinners. Mine was really nice; noodles with tofu and red ginger and stuff, ruby had a big slab of chicken in a noodle soup thing, mum had a bright pink vegetable in her soupy thingy and half a boiled egg floating in it lol the pudding was soooooooo good or "orgasmic" as kat put it lol it was ginger and white chocolate cheesecake *the best pudding ever ever ever*
Becca is making me a tshirt for my birthday.. who knows what that's gonna look like lol mum gave me a great duffel coat which i constantly wear yay

Liam couldnt come on the 15th :(

the used were cool but i did get very very squashed and i didnt like that so i stood at the back and couldnt see. was really looking forward to seeing head automatica but they didnt play because the lead has Crohn's disease :( they were replaced by your code name is milo who were totally crap. abby was being all secretive and smug because she had spent the whole evening with one of Mikes friends who was apparently "fit" i didnt see it though. That really annoyed me though because she was really rubbing it in. i dont know why though because she knows that i have a boyfriend something which she cant even manage.

taking back sunday were fucking amazing!! omg adam lazzara is sooooo beautiful! the way he struts about the stage and wraps the mic around his throat he just knows he's so damn sexy! he's dyed his hair vimto pink/purple which just adds to his good looking-ness but a downer was that me and abby were wedged between two arrogant arseholes and their girlfriends grrrr they wouldnt pass the water back they just kept it between themselves and they wouldnt let us get hold of the bar and when we did they completely squashed our arms so we were forced to move them out of pain. Fuckers.

braces are off yippee! scared about them moving because i havent got a retainer yet and i really dont want them to move because that would mean another brace :(

Miss Liam a lot :( it hurts.


Saturday, December 18, 2004

Twenty Years Of Dirty Needles

No more school for two weeks! yayness! and after that im on study leave for two weeks! then i get my maths result back, get to love liam a bit, see taking back sunday and adam lazzara *swoon* and then its my birthday! *is happy*

but before all of that i have to survive christmas.. boxing day party.. dell's sham of a wedding and lots and lots of exams.. including german and french orals.. which i hate so so much.. always fail because i get so nervous. last time i got a C in french and D in german... only in the oral bit though.

going to the rig tomorrow mit abby! should be lots of fun.. doubt if anyone else will come.. no matter who's invited it always seems to end up being me and abby by our selves.. pah nevermind.. tis still fun. for monday i have made plans with bob, laura and kat.. to force their presents upon them.. tuesday im being dragged to town to christmas shop with abby (who is as unorganised as ever) lol people have planned my holiday for me! yay! have to learn presentations for languages and have masses of artwork to complete.

ashley has stolen my address from becky and added me.. apparently he doesnt remember anything... lol weird.. he's cut his hair but apart from that he doesnt look any different. he used to seem so old when i was 13.. but he was only 15.. now he's 17 and is more immature then me :p
he wants to meet up again because aparently he's "always liked me in that way". he said he was only nasty because that was the only way to show his affection without being shy. how cute :P cant say i fancy him now.. he's still weird and not very intelligent and besides i've got liam who's better than everyone!

my dad has a girlfriend ! she seems a lot nicer than jane. he's been bitching about jane a lot as well :P i dont mind because i dont like her either. i can only ever remember my dad being with jane so i couldnt spot that he was so unhappy. but now he is so different. im not afraid to do anything or talk to him. still need to ask about liam coming on the 15th though. *birthday*

been accepted into 6th form.. doing maths, chemistry, biology and french.. will drop french after a year though. super. want to do a job that is mainly about chemistry and maths. s'all good.

brace off in 4 and a half weeks! how good is that!! will be taken off on the 27th of january.. exactly 2 years after i have it put on. i can't wait!

Liam is poorly :( he sounded really bad on the phone last night.. his voice was like 2 octaves deeper lol ..


Sunday, December 12, 2004

Concrete In My Veins

was superb on friday! Laura couldn't come because she was ill but i'll invite them round again and she will come! Kat is completely obsessed with boobs.. thats all she talked about but she also wanted to know about the whole bob/chris thing that happened last year. chris = poo. bob said she was really grateful that i didn't ask why when it happened. made me feel quite good :) i was in a really bad mood after they left and becca wouldn't shut up!

on saturday i got woken up at 10am to make ruby a birthday card for her friend's party then went shopping mit Mutti in Birmingham. Ruby came as well and becca did. Was okay i guess. not exactly fun because ruby irritates me because she just manipulates mum. i hate it. i did a classic comedy fall and bruised my hip and shoulder :( still hurts lots.
Came home and found dell outside.. ooops... she made me try my dress on with the whole hair/dress/jacket/bag/shoes combo.. apparently i looked good.. i couldnt see myself though!

spoke to liam.. lol i have been told that the first boy will be called Edward James after his father. whatever makes you happy :P only 34days!! i'll ask my father on saturday.. yay im so excited!!

got up at 8am and had to go to stageroach. was fun though. caroline didnt turn up like she said she would tut but jenn saved me from amy karr when she got a bit too much lol we got split into groups and did a dance with stage 1s 2s and 3s. was very cheesy but good fun. got split up in drama but we got Dave in our group. lol he's a great actor. We did a play which involved the queen drugging us then stealing all santa's (dave's) presents and hat! for her brat of a daughter. then we woke up and realised that they'd taken them and then we poured elf faeces down the chimney to get them back. the audience were laughing so much and so were we because dave was so good. lol.

Got our christmas tree!! yayness!! me and ruby decorated it wooo now all it needs is presents underneath it. super!

upset adam. havent seen him for 50 weeks. i am a bad friend. i hope he allows me to see him next week. i dont think he will. he says he wont be alive next week. i dont know what's going to happen.


Thursday, December 09, 2004

To Hell With You And All Your Friends

ah ah ah ah !

wow new diary thingy.. not going to be much better i think.. just randomness and all the crap that happens to me. yay! :) looking forward to it :P

between when i last wrote in my other diary thingy and now.. a lot has happened.. but i can't be bothered to type it out. to put it bluntly:

abby sucks big time and is stupid and obsessive over sean

sean is a complete arse and takes advantage of abby but she thinks this is him being "nice" to her. hmmmm yeaaaah.

liam is lovely and will soon be my husband and wear a garter :P

bob, laura and kat are all superb and have listened to me moan about abby lots and comforted me.

moving on.

Im not really bothered about abby anymore. Ive just been told that im going into sixth form and she isnt so in 6 months i wont ever have to see her again. I still like her. but i kinda like her and dislike her the same amount. i can't trust her anymore. She's just going to hurt me over and over again. So if she's going to be stupid and pick boys over me so be it. i know this is going to sound really horrid but if i was asked if i'd pick abby or liam about a year ago i would have said abby without hesitating but now she's proven that that isnt the case with her and liam's been so much more of a friend than her and he isn't even here half the time! i think that says a lot.

Bob, laura and kat are coming round tomorrow! for a tea party! yayness!! they're super.
Kat keeps me up to date on her sex life without being asked.. usually being told to shut up actually before she grosses us all out completely. She's slightly weird but nice :) she's excellent at german and should be because she's half german!
Bob is a super friend and should have the whole superman tights and lycra combo for being so great. shes a good giggle :P even if she does go weird and flirty when george *big hands* is around. but i guess that's okay because she is a girl after all.
Laura is the bestest friend ever!! she's always there for you and never tells you your wrong. she listens to anything you have to say and laughs at your jokes when they're not funny. Shes weird but weird is good when we're all school rejects :P shes lovely :)

Liam is also lovely :) i just want to take him home! i love him to bits and pieces and we're going to run away and get married and live happily ever after and never ever ever split up because i love him lots and i know he loves me too :) Can't wait until the 15th january! more excited about that than my birthday which is 2 days later!

omg i start back at school after study leave on my birthday. how depressing. must revised and learn stuff for oral exams in french and german. especially french if im taking that for A level. pfffft school is poo.

becky reminded me about ashley waldrum ha ha! he's cut his hair!! she also reminded me about when we went camping and we were all walking down the steep hill back to the tent (me, her, tommy and adam) and becky slipped on sheep poo and fell over but as she fell she grabbed adam's trousers and pulled them down wither her! omg is was so funny!! oh oh and when tommy was threatening to burn her with a burning plastic bracelet and adam flicked it out of the way and it got tommy on his bollock and burned him! lol we got blamed as well! hmm anyway apparently ashley wants to meet up with me, becky and jennie again because he likes me in *that way* uhhhh no thanks! lol i was talking to becky about when ashley threatened abby with a knife.. in a jokey way.. but she took it sooooo seriously.. you just had to laugh.